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1. Read the TPATCK Policy & Procedure Manual:
Getting Started:
2. Schedule a site visit:
3. Sign Up:
These steps are your recipe for success to begin using The Platform at the Cooks' Kitchen, Corp. facility and services. 
Call us at 615-428-9224 to schedule a tour of our facility.
All users of TPATCK will have an account created and  a $50 processing fee applies and will be created and collected in Orientation.
Below is a convenient check list for you to print and use to ensure that you have everything you'll need to save time and get started using our kitchens!   Once you have everything ready on this checklist, give us a call to schedule your orientation.  Orientation usually takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours, so be sure to plan accordingly!
7. Attend Orientation:
6. Obtain Insurance:
Print off and take the below Insurance Requirements list to your insurance agent, or you can Google "Food Service Liability Insurance" to find an agent or policy.
4. Review the User Agreement:
​There are 2 User Agreements - one for Members and one for Single-Use Clients and Non-Members. Download the User Agreement that you'll need by clicking on the appropriate button below. Bring your User Agreement, along with any questions you may have, to orientation.

Policies & Procedures
For Members

User Agreement
For Single-Use & Non-Members

User Agreement
For Members
                                       ​ Member               Non-Member

 Reservations                 24/7 Calendar            Call during business
                                        Access                    hours to schedule

 Advanced Kitchen 
 Reservations                 Up to 1 Year                  Up to 30 Days

 Kitchen Access                  24/7                    Limited to supervised 
                                                                     use during business

 Damage Deposit             Waived                                $300

 Discounted Kitchen
 Rates                                Yes                                     No

 Limited Storage 
 (Dry, Cold, Freezer)          Yes                                     No

 Hourly Rental Rate
 Package Discounts           Yes                                     No

 Inclusion on TCK
 Preferred Provider List       Yes                                     No

 Discounts                           Yes                                     No
​Benefit Comparisons:
5. Develop Your HACCP Plan (Caterers ONLY)
Online HACCP Plan help can be found here.